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Our company

Our company was started in 2001, as a typical Hungarian family-run enterprise. Since then we have been waiting for our future partners with unchanged owners’ structure.

In 2003 we started to work as the East- Hungarian store partner of the German Salzgitter Mannesman Stahlhandel. As their wholesale trade partner we offer different hot rolled steel products. We offer the wide choice of different raw materials -which are not produced in Hungary- for our customers.


We made a contract to sell industrial gases with Linde Gaz Ltd. in 2004. Since then we have been its second largest business partner in our country.
We offer delivery services of the gases and the steel raw materials to our customers. From steel raw materials we sell 6-8000 tons annually and from gas tank filling we sell 17-18000 pieces every year.
Our partners are mainly companies with foreign interest who make the steel structure of building, machines or parts of bridges.


Since 2010 our company was enlarged with producing steel structures in our own production hall. In this place the technology is modern and everything corresponds to the strictest quality requirements. Our annual capacity is almost 2000 tons produced structure which is delivered to every part of Hungary.


Our site is our own property. It is about 1 ha industrial area, and we have been working here since 2008.
We have a factory siding on which we can deliver the steel raw materials coming from Germany and Italy economically to our store.